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Convert shoppers with video

Generate excitement about your inventory with ReelUps™. ReelUps™ provides a complete video solution for auto dealerships that want to add dimensionality to their online offerings. 

Using the ReelUps™ Video Capture Mobile App and the ReelUps Video Player, you are equipped with multiple tools that easily creates and uploads your video creation efforts. What’s more, the ReelUps Video Player easily integrates with Youtube and our TextUps™ lead generation tool. 

ReelUps™ video syndicates with dealership websites, YouTube,, and


Benefits of ReelUps™ 

  • DIY live-motion vehicle video
  • VIN Barcode Scanner
  • Exclusive TextUps™ integration 
  • Vehicle inventory sync
  • High-Definition 720p videos
  • Splash introduction and closing scenes
  • HTML/JS based video player with 100% Client-side integration
  • Dealership logo overlays
  • Customizable vehicle details ticker display
  • Video shake reduction / stabilization
  • Custom and OEM compliant play buttons
  • Compatible across leading web browsers
  • Interrupted upload recovery


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Product Description

Don’t want to spend hours every month on content creation every time new inventory wheels in? Looking for an auto dealership lead generation solution that actually works? Tired of paying and pray for results that you can’t actually measure?

If the answer is a resounding “YES” to all of the above, you can relax — you’re in the right place to find a solution.

ReelUps provides a complete video solution for auto dealerships that want to add dimensionality to their online offerings. Built specifically for this market, ReelUps offers a lot of useful functionality you won’t find on Youtube, alone.

The ReelUps Video Capture Mobile App is where the process starts, equipped with multiple tools that automate your video creation efforts. It all comes together on the ReelUps Video Player, which integrates with Youtube and our TextUps lead generation tool.

Here’s how it all breaks down:

ReelUps Video Content
Before you can share video, you must have video to share.

Unless you’re a professional videographer, the filming and editing process can seem a little overwhelming. But that’s really not a good enough reason to avoid it altogether — video is the future of sales and marketing, and smart brands are getting ahead of the trend. Savvy businesses realize that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars per video with a production company, to create something that converts.

While ReelUps empowers dealerships to shoot live video as part of the process, it’s also possible to skip this part of the video creation process entirely! ReelUps was designed to dynamically create videos with as much or little input from you as possible. This enables you to create videos for every vehicle in your inventory without spending many hours and days on the process.

ReelUps Video Player
Once you have video content, it’s important to share it in a way that accomplishes business goals.

The ReelUps Video Player was created to suit the unique needs of auto dealerships. Like Youtube, the ReelUps Video Player keeps the user experience front and center, scaling to fit various screens, devices, and leading web browsers. Viewers can even adjust playback resolution to their taste. ReelUps is smart enough to know when to instead display the Youtube version of the same content, so that you can increase your views (and effectiveness) on this marketing channel.

From a business development perspective, ReelUps can be connected to our sister product, TextUps. TextUps displays a vehicle-specific keyword and text shortcode that allow viewers to indicate their interest in a specific vehicle while also providing your sales team with a warm lead to follow up with.

ReelUps Video Syndication
Repurpose your video content across as many channels as you’d like, wherever you get the best results. With ReelUps, you can enable video playback on any website that allows basic HTML and Javascript.

ReelUps Youtube Distribution
If you’re already using Youtube to share vehicle details and drive traffic to your dealership website, you’ll be happy to learn about how ReelUps can add an automation edge to your efforts.

As you create videos within the ReelUps app, our technology can handle daily uploads and video/metadata changes — without you needing to push those changes live, yourself. You can even automate the creation of Youtube titles, tags, and descriptions with a customizable metadata template.

ReelUps Video Capture Mobile App
The ReelUps Video Capture Mobile App is all you need to quickly create stunning video content for all of the cars in your inventory. Note that it requires the use of an Android device.

If you’ve used a basic video editing tool (like iMovie or Window’s Movie Maker), you’ll feel at home with our simple editing interface. What sets it apart for auto dealerships is the ability to automatically download inventory data to the app for easier vehicle selection. Alternatively, you can use the built-in VIN barcode scanner to add new inventory in need of video content.

One of the major differences between the ReelUps video editor and others on the market is the fact that it can process uploads in the background, with no need to keep the app window open. Also, if your device goes outside of an area with enough signal to upload, it can later restore an upload from an interrupted state — no need to redo the whole process!