TextUps™ Technology Package

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TextUps™ is the only automotive text lead tool that generates leads from your dealership’s lot, website, 3rd party sites, as well as traditional advertising channels, i.e. radio, tv, etc…

The TextUps™ Technology Package let’s shoppers begin the conversation with a single text. You will receive image overlays for your vehicle inventory that includes a call to action to text for more information.

Disclaimer: The TextUps™ Save to Phone is limited to one (1) URL per order.

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  • Must be dealer specific, ex. "Redline". Not just Ford, Chevy, Honda, etc. Subject to availability.
  • Where do you want the leads that come via email to be sent to for your dealer?
  • What mobile number do you want the text leads sent to for your dealer?
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Product Description

TextUps™: Opt-In Warm Leads for Auto Dealerships

Increase your lead to appointment conversions with little effort

A modern approach to automotive sales lead generation

Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars each month on old-school advertising tactics that you can’t adequately attribute to actual car sales?

TextUps™ is an automotive lead generation tool that creates warm leads from unexpected sources — like the people who cruise through your lot after business hours. It incorporates elements of automation to give prospects information on-demand, through a system that provides a measurable ROI.

Here’s how TextUps™ works, in three easy steps:

  1. Interested buyers share their phone number in order to learn more about a specific vehicle by texting you the last 8 digits of the VIN.
  2. Shoppers are instantly provided with a link to learn more about the car for instant gratification. If there’s a more convenient way to shop for a new car, we haven’t heard of it.
  3. In turn, your salespeople are supplied with a shopper’s phone number and the vehicle they’re interested in. Depending on your specific TextUps™ package, you’ll have access to even more information — including the ability to look up the shopper’s name, address, and gender. Since opting in means they’re honestly interested in learning more, even the shyest salesperson can use this information to set an appointment that has a great chance of converting to a sale.

For even more advanced functionality with this tactic (using our Labels or Total System Package, detailed in full below), attach one TextUps™ Window Label or Hang-tag on each available vehicle at your dealership or use TextUps™ Save-to-Phone on your website to markup available cars with a compelling opt-in.

Get access to TextUps™ for a fraction of the cost you’d expect with traditional automotive marketing tactics. Even better? There’s no question about the ROI of your efforts, thanks to straightforward attribution as new leads come in.